Easter Candy ORDER DEADLINE 3/13/24

Halloween might be America’s number one candy holiday, but Easter is a close second, with sales topping $2 billion every year, according to the National Retail Federation. Even among people who don’t celebrate the holiday, a third of them say they will still buy Easter candy.

Nearly ninety percent of Americans will prepare Easter baskets for their kids, and 90 percent of people who’ll put together Easter baskets say they’ll include a chocolate bunny.

In fact, chocolate is America’s favorite Easter-related sweet, at 89 percent, followed by fruit-flavored candies at 46 percent and gum and mints and 35 percent.

Chocolate eggs are a relatively tradition, born out of the revolution of chocolate mold making in the 1800, but Easter eggs have been around for centuries, along with the egg hunt.

And while hunting for eggs might be fun, hunting for nut-free Easter candy is much less enjoyable. At Skip’s Candies, we know peanut-free and nut-free candy is hard to come by.

That’s why we make such a large variety of Easter candy at our special nut-free facility: chocolate bunnies, chocolate-dipped cookies, chocolate pops and more. Fill your basket with our quality nut-free candy this year to ensure a safe and happy Easter for you and your loved ones.

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