Living with peanut allergies means much more than just not being able to enjoy peanut butter cups.

People with peanut and tree nut allergies need to be cautious wherever they go. It’s not enough just to keep nuts out of their homes and diets. Just coming into contact with someone who’d been handling peanuts can be enough to trigger an allergic reaction.

Eating the wrong thing can present serious health issues, which is why Skips Candies is committed to providing the best in wholesale nut-free chocolate and candies.

In 2011, we began operating a dedicated nut-free facility. We also purchase our raw materials and finished products from wholesale nut-free chocolate manufacturers who either work in a nut-free environment or have dedicated nut-free areas and/or follow safe cleaning and handling practices.

We’re so committed to this ideal that we employ our own nut-detecting dog. Chessy is specially trained to sniff out nuts to ensure that our facility remains a safe environment for nut-free wholesale chocolate.

Don’t let a nut allergy spoil the fun. Skip’s Candies produces delicious and creamy chocolate at a special wholesale nut-free chocolate facility. We have chocolate-covered pretzels, caramels, nonpareils and more available in bulk/wholesale. Order online today or visit us at our store to see our selection of wholesale nut-free candy.

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