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Shipping Rates

Orders $100.00 and over are FREE SHIPPING
Orders under $100.00 will be charged a $10.00 handling fee at checkout.

Ordering Policies & Procedures
Ordering Policies and Procedures


Wholesale Terms of Sale
All sales are to be paid at the time of ordering. We request you fax or email your Tax Exempt Certificate from your state once you place your first order. Without this document we must charge sales tax where applicable. All prices, minimums and measurements are subject to change at any time, based on fluctuations in market conditions. Bows, Ribbons, Coloring, Decals, Packaging may vary slightly and size is approximate.

Minimum Orders
Our minimum order is $100.00.
$10.00 handling fee for orders less than $100.00.

Made to Order and Ship Date
All orders are made to ship.

Fall Orders: September 1st through December 31st . Orders placed by August 20th have priority placement in manufacturing and will be shipped first.

Valentine’s Day, Easter & Spring Orders: January 1st through May 31st . Orders placed by January 15th have priority placement in manufacturing and will be shipped first.

Due to the high number of orders placed in the holiday seasons, allow at least 2 weeks until your order is ready to ship.

Manufacturing & Packaging colors, ribbon, tissue paper and crinkle, are subject to change due to availability.

We will automatically ship all backorders when they become available. If you cannot accept backorders please advise a customer service representative or mark it on your purchase order.

Storage Recommendations and Temperatures

  • The best temperature for storing any of our products is 65-68°F.
  • Store all products above the floor – not on the floor, as there are higher moisture levels on the floor.
  • Do not store packaged products in direct sunlight either in storage or in your store. Chocolate Melts.
  • Avoid storage locations where there are strong odors. Chocolate absorbs smells and the smell can even be absorbed through a cello bag.
  • Chocolate will fade when placed directly under a florescent light.
  • All products are manufactured in a dedicated nut free facility. Products should not be stored or displayed next to nut products.
  • If any items are opened or repackaged at your facility, they are no longer considered Nut Free and we will hold no responsibility for that product.
  • Damaged products where the packaging is damaged exposing the product should be discarded and not sold as nut free.

Payment Options
Credit Card
We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express.
We will require the following information on Credit Card Sales.

  • Credit Card Number
  • Billing Address
  • Expiration Date
  • CRV (3 digit #)
  • Phone Number
  • Name on Credit Card

The order amount, including shipping, is charged the day the order starts production. If a credit card is declined, we will contact you and the order will not start production until the credit card sale can be processed. If after 5 business days the card is still declined the order is subject to cancellation.

Net 30 Days
After the first 10 orders, which must be paid by credit card, Net 30 day terms can be established with credit references.

Past Due Accounts (Net 30 Days Customers)

  • Past due accounts must be paid prior to shipment of the next order.
  • After 30 days, we will add a 1.5% per month to the balance on the account.
  • There will be a $40.00 charge on all returned checks.

Shipping & Handling Costs

  • Each customer is responsible for shipping and handling costs.
  • No Post Office Box Shipments.

Hot Weather Shipping
We ship year-round. When temperatures reach 70 degrees or higher in your location or ours (Lahaska, PA 18931) we will need to cold pack your order. There is an additional charge of $10.00 for cold packaging orders. A cold pack requires 2-day delivery time. If you are more than a 2 day ground ship with USPS, UPS or FedEx you will have to pay the cost for 2 day expedited shipping.

Claims and Returns
Please check each shipment immediately upon receipt. Any claims for damages and/or shipment discrepancies must be reported within 24 hours of receipt of shipment. All original boxes, packaging materials, and tracking labels must be saved until each claim is settled in case the carrier requires an inspection as part of the damage claim review. Refunds, credits or product replacement for claims and/or shipment descriptions will be processed immediately.

Food Allergies
1 out of 10 people suffer from severe food allergies. Some allergies are life threatening. Our products are made or packaged in a DEDICATED Nut Free Facility. Any tampering with our package can potentially make our product unsafe for a person with a Nut Allergy. Any item damaged, opened or tampered with is no longer Nut Free and cannot be sold as such

To open a wholesale account please use the Contact page on the website or by calling us at 215-297-5604 option #2. Dismiss